Myrtos Beach

It is located in northern Kefalonia, in the area of ​​Pylaros, at a distance of about 30 km from Argostoli. It is a beautiful beach with a strong variety of soil, with fine sand, surrounded by vertical cliffs. But there is also a place with stone and pebbles, so you can choose what you prefer. The view from above Myrtos is magnificent, known for the contrast of the white pebbles of the beach with the shades that the sea waters take due to the currents and the dark green of the area. Perhaps this is the reason why this beach is famous and has been described by many as “fascinating” and “like a small piece of the sky”.

It is located below the steep slope, several meters below road level. To reach it, the visitor must descend several kilometers to the slope, on a road that fortunately in recent years has been opened and paved. This makes it necessary for the person who wants to approach it to have a vehicle. The dimensions of Myrtos as a beach are huge and it takes more than 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other.

Its waters are green. The sea is not clear due to the sediment carried by the currents and deepens sharply, while many currents can entice the swimmer. Cases of such incidents are frequent and therefore special attention is required. The lifeguard, who has been hired in recent years, is responsible for judging when the sea is dangerous for swimming, but also for intervening in difficult situations.

The sea conquers the blue flag every year, as it is organized on all sides, while recently a comfortable parking lot has been created. One of the places that stand out in Myrtos, is the cave at the end of the beach. All this composes a magnificent landscape and every year a concert of famous artists is organized in August, which is attended by thousands of spectators.